Music Relaxing power

I’m an overthinker. I use to have a hard every time I want to just relax. I like being busy.

But there is one think that always work for me: be in a concert of a band I don’t know. I get loose in the mood, all the mess I have in my head start having sense and after a while I don’t know longer what I was worry about a minutes before.

A super crappy picture I took the last time I went to a concert I didn’t know any of the songs they performed

This post also explains why I always agree to go to concerts from bands I don’t know (nor they are a big promise). A good sound and order is almost a must in order to have this effect on me, but in spite of that I’ve been to concerts of bands that were as bad as you can not imagine and I felt relaxed anyway.

Give it a try. It might work for you to.